Driving revenue through an engaging certification program for a financial giant



ntuit, one of the country’s leading personal finance software companies, approached us with a tough task: to refresh a certification program that would boost accounting professionals’ confidence in its QuickBooks products. See how we passed the test with flying colors—and helped grow Intuit’s business in the process.

For those who know how to use the advanced features of Intuit QuickBooks, the possibilities are limitless. That advantage, however, also creates a problem: QuickBooks has so many great features, it’s difficult to make accounts aware of them all, and access them easily.

What Intuit needed was an updated, cloud-based learning solution that could guide users through everything QuickBooks has to offer. One that simplifies the testing and certification processes, and gives users the power to unlock QuickBooks’ true potential.

To accomplish this, it would take UX and development specialists with a proven track record in the e-learning industry, who are agile and responsive enough to deliver on a tight 120-day timeline. Ideally, they would also have extensive experience designing mobile apps and global-ready cloud solutions.

In other words, Acumenity was the perfect fit.

With a name like “Intuit,” we knew our client’s solution had to be one thing above all else: intuitive. So we designed a robust yet simple program that guides users through a seamless learning experience.

To start, we set out to integrate our new program into accountants’ existing workflow from within the QuickBooks software. This helped ensure that our experience was perfectly aligned with the overall QuickBooks brand. Next, we redesigned the training user experience to create a clearer learning path from beginner to advanced-level mastery. Lastly, we integrated various systems within the Intuit ecosystem to ensure the certification data was available in real time to all interested parties.

By reinventing the way Intuit approaches certifications, we made it simple for accountants to access QuickBooks learning materials. This gave them the power to learn and earn certifications more efficiently, which helps them grow their practices faster than ever.

In all, the Intuit ProAdvisor Certification Program comprised 6 product certifications, 40+ self-paced courses, live webinars, video tutorials and 20+ hours of CPE — all in one neat, easy-to-navigate solution. And to make it even more convenient for Intuit’s customers, we extended it to a multi-platform solution so they can use QuickBooks training tools anytime, anywhere.

Positive impact to revenue and cost savings!

With a more consistent and simplified user experience, our new QuickBooks certification program reduced delivery of training content changes by more than 15 days. It also won several of our industry’s most prestigious awards, like the Brandon Hall Excellence Award in Learning.

But while we’re certainly proud of our program’s reception, we’re much more proud of the impact we made on Intuit’s business. Since its launch, Intuit now boasts over 170,000 customers using the program, with an average sell-through revenue that’s 4 times greater than non-trained customers.

QuickBooks customer recommendations rose as well. Certified customers are now twice as likely to recommend Intuit than non-certified customers.