We create strategies that ensure success

They say 97% of a rocket's fuel is used in the first 3 feet of launch. Get this step right and you are on way to a successful launch. Get it wrong and you won’t have enough fuel to course-correct. Acumenity provides you the know-how and experience to get the direction right so your resources are used wisely on your projects or product launches.

  • Who are the community of users you are trying to engage?
  • What motivates/incentivizes them to use your product?
  • What are the biggest business and technical risks we need to solve for early on?
  • What is your continuous improvement product plan?

In addition, we conduct user interviews and lean tests to validate any risky assumptions. Discovering risks during the strategy phase will help reduce costs and time-to-market.

  • Project Vision

    Does everyone know why your project is necessary? Do you know how to measure success from the start? Acumenity helps you and your team know precisely what to do to ensure you build what you need.

  • Risk Analysis

    Do you have the experience and know-how to identify risks upfront? Or, are you ready to learn the hard way and risk your project? Our multi-industry and years of experience will greatly increase the chances for you project success by knowing what to look out for at the outset thereby lowering

  • Project Milestone & Scope Analysis

    Without a roadmap, senior management and the project team will meander and impact your project. Do you have all necessary milestones identified? Do you have the quality measures clearly defined for them? Acumenity will create a development milestone plan so you can understand the delivery timeline for all deliverables.

  • Technical Approach Recommendation

    Have you worked out the Information Architecture for your site or your product? Can you defend which information should be present on each page or screen? Are you confident your customers will understand and get the message? Many projects will benefit from creating IA during the strategy phase. This gives us insight into the user flow and scope of the project. This will also help kick start the UX phase of the project.