We create empathic designs that speak to your users

User experience is no longer an optional piece of the product development puzzle. No amount of elegantly engineered code will keep your users engaged. You need user experience design expertise. Acumenity brings a breadth of design experience across various industries to help lead you to a successful user experience.

How We Do It

Acumenity created a unique design evaluation methodology known as the Acumenity Clarity Index. We evaluate your user experiences with our unique UX process to ensure that every element—every interaction—entices your users while building your brand.

The Acumenity Clarity Index quantitatively measures user experience quality on three main factors:


The quantity of sensitivity and empathy towards the user


The quantity of visual elements that hinder focused learning


The quantity of interaction and engagement that helps aid retention

The beauty of the Clarity Index is that it brings quantitative analysis to user experience which has been historically very difficult to quantify. The Clarity Index can be summarized as:

Defining this relationship now allows us to understand how the user experience is impacted by each visual element.

When tact is high and interactions are high

This relationship indicates that the user experience is very interactive and intuitive to use.

When tact is low and interactions are high

This relationship indicates that the user experience is difficult to use and potentially frustrating for the user. The experience needs to be more tactful and meet the needs of the user.

When distractions are high

Your users will have a challenging time trying to find what they are looking for. Visual elements can be improved to reduce frustration. Look to increase tactfulness to raise the Clarity Index.